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show me christmas

Having retired after thirty-one years of teaching school, Pat was badly in need of a new career. She was use to working, but tired of being at work by 7:00-7:30 a.m. She needed a new project, but with flexible hours. Having been an avid collector her whole life, she thought, "Why not turn a hobby into a business?" Barbara, on the other hand, has been a business owner for many years. With an eye toward possible retirement, an internet business held a lot of appeal. So, with Barbara's business expertise and Pat‘s collectors knowledge, two sisters from the Show-Me state of Missouri began Show-Me Limited Enterprises, LLC.

We hope you will enjoy shopping on our site. Pat, who has collected Santa ornaments for many years, believes Abigail's ornaments are the cutest she has seen in a long time. You'll find a lot more than just Santa ornaments on our site; collectors of any type will love the variety of holiday or non-holiday themed ornaments we carry! We particularly love Abigail's Twelve Days of Christmas and Alice in Wonderland ornaments. Whatever your collecting tastes are, you'll find it at Show-Me Christmas. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with great customer service and excellent products. We hope you enjoy our ornaments as much as we do.


  Merry Christmas!

Pat and Barbara


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