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The most beautiful wooden articles in the world come from the Erzgebirge region of Germany.  The earliest wooden products were simple ones, easily made.  But as time passed, the pieces became more sophisticated.  German smokers or smoking men and the smell of incense belong to the Erzgebirge Christmas just like the German nutcracker.  An important component in the development of the German smoker was the use of frankincense.  In the Christmas tradition, frankincense was next to gold and myrrh, one of the presents the three kings brought to the baby Jesus.

The nutcracker traditionally represented officers and other officials but the smokers represented everyday people such as miners, shephards, chimney sweepers and other traditional German occupations.  

Today, in the Erzgebirge Mountains, the tradition of creating beautiful wooden folk art is much unchanged from 100 years ago.  New models are devised each year, however the tradition of the Erzgebirge handcrafted product is the same. 


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A Mouseking NutcrackerA Mouseking NutcrackerThe Mouseking plays an intricate part in THE STORY OF THE NUTCRACKER. The Mouseking doll was given to Clara's brother by her Godfather. Handcrafted in Germany. Introduction 2004. ERZGEBIRGE! 7 inches tall.
Fruit Peddler SmokerFruit Peddler SmokerThis street peddler carries a large assortment of fruits on a tray and in his basket. Hand-made in Germany. Introduction 2004. TANNENBAUM TREASURES. 8 inches tall.
Mountain Man SmokerMountain Man SmokerA wonderfully dressed mountain man complete with hat and pipe smoker. Hand made in Germany. Introduction 2009. TANNENBAUM TREASURES. 8 inches tall.

This group of handcrafted wooden German smokers and German nutcrackers will make a wonderful addition to any collection! They will give a truly traditional feeling to the season!  Be sure to order yours today.

Merry Christmas!


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