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A long time symbol of hospitality, a teapot Christmas ornament is an excellent gift to remind friends and family how we cherish conversations and time spent togetherGlass blown teapots have been ornament designs forever.

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A Rose TeapotA Rose TeapotThis rose teapot from Lewis Carroll's ALICE IN WONDERLAND, has been created in a blown glass ornament by American artist and designer, Abigail Pfeffer. Hand blown and hand painted in Poland. Introduction 2004. ABIGAIL'S COLLECTION. 3 inches tall.
Blue Bonnet TeapotBlue Bonnet TeapotA delicate blue bonnet design adorns this gold trimmed teapot. Teapots are full of welcome and good cheer. Handcrafted in Europe. Introduction 2005. TANNENBAUM TREASURES. 2 inches tall.
Breast Cancer TeapotBreast Cancer TeapotThis wonderful teapot is covered in pink ribbons, which is the breast cancer symbol. This teapot makes a wonderful gift for a breast cancer survivor. Handcrafted in Europe. Introduction 2006. TANNENBAUM TREASURES. 2 inches tall.
Clover TeapotClover TeapotA long time symbol of good luck, this four leaf clover designed teapot combines good luck and welcome to your guests. Handcrafted in Europe. Introduction 2005. TANNENBAUM TREASURES. 2 inches tall.
Tea Pot RedTea Pot RedAn intricate prop for the story ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Mix the three different colored teapots in for a wonderful presentation. Handcrafted in Europe. Introduction 2004. TANNENBAUM TREASURES. 2 1/2 inches tall.

Nothing says 'friends forever' like a gift of a teapot ornament.  A glass teapot ornament is the perfect sign of friendship and love during the holiday season.  Miniature teapots make wonderful gifts and are perfect for your Christmas tree. 



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